Praia da Adraga
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Praia da Adraga emerges as a sun-soaked haven for beach enthusiasts seeking relaxation and aquatic adventures. Its reputation for crystal-clear waters and expansive sandy shores draws visitors far and wide. Accessible via a scenic route winding down from the picturesque village of Almoçageme, the beach is flanked by rugged cliffs and adorned with striking rock formations just off the coastline. In recognition of its natural splendour, Praia da Adraga clinched third place in the Sunday Times 20 Best European Beaches awards back in 2003.

Unlike its counterparts, this beach offers a quieter retreat, particularly on weekdays, making it an idyllic escape. Ample parking facilities, along with essential amenities like public restrooms, showers, and a quality seafood restaurant, ensure a comfortable beach experience. Plus, vigilant lifeguards stand watch during peak seasons, ensuring safety for all beachgoers.


Pedra de Alvidrar

Pedra de Alvidrar

The environs encircling Praia da Adraga boast a rugged mountainous terrain, offering a thrilling approach accentuated by steep roads that wind through dramatic landscapes. Erosion sculpted by the relentless force of the waves has bestowed the cliffs with captivating formations and carved out intriguing sea caves. Standing prominently at the southern tip of the beach is the iconic Pedra de Alvidrar, aptly named the "Rock of Reason," an awe-inspiring arch sculpted by nature's hand, commanding attention with its near-vertical escarpment jutting into the crashing waves.

A mere fifty meters along the coastal path unveils "O Fojo," a remarkable blowhole hewn into the living rock by the relentless forces of rainwater and ocean waves. Legend has it that within its labyrinthine caves and crevices dwelled a colossal 90-metre titan, as envisioned by ancient Romans, who believed its echoes reverberated through the shell of a conch horn.

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Not only is the Restaurante d'Adraga very useful when spending a day at Praia da Adraga beach but it is also a very good reason for making the journey here in the first place. The sea food served here is of constantly good quality as is the service. Fish is served fresh, when possible it's caught the same day. Prices are reasonable yet the views are priceless. It can get busy at weekends and at peak season so pre-booking at these times is advisable.
Wednesday – Monday: 12h30 - 22h00, Tuesday: CLOSED

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+351 219 280 028 | |  Website

The toilet block is next to the Car Park.

The showers are next to the Car Park.

Can get full during busy periods.

The beach is patrolled by lifeguards during the summer season (May to mid-October).

There are disabled parking spaces right next to the beach.


There are no public transport services to Praia da Adraga.

Head West out of Sintra on the N247 8.5 miles (14km) until the village of Almoçageme. Turn left onto the Rua da Praia da Adraga which will take you to the beach.