10 Best Activities of Sintra

10 ways to enjoy Sintra to the full and maximise your enjoyment.

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For decades, Portugal has been a magnet for golf enthusiasts, and the Sintra area boasts some of the finest courses in the country. With amenities catering to players of all skill levels, Sintra's diverse topography and breathtaking views provide both challenge and delight for beginners and professionals alike. Alongside world-class golfing experiences, Sintra offers a range of resorts and accommodations to meet your needs, along with many nearby attractions to entice you away from the fairways. Experience the perfect blend of golfing excellence and leisure in Sintra, Portugal.
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Play golf in SIntra

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The Sintra/Cascais area boasts many captivating walking routes, providing adventurous visitors with intimate experiences of the region's natural beauty and landscapes. These well-marked trails offer varying terrain, length, and difficulty levels, ensuring there's something for every hiker to enjoy. Explore the stunning scenery of Sintra/Cascais on foot and immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of the region.
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Walking in Sintra

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Sintra is a treasure trove of museums and galleries, offering visitors a deep dive into its mystical past and transcendental side at the Myths and Legends Interpretative Centre. A longstanding haven for artists, writers, and poets, Sintra showcases their works at esteemed venues such as the Anjos Teixeira Museum, the MU.SA Art Museum, the Leal de Câmara Museum , and the Ferreira de Castro Museum. Aviation enthusiasts can explore the fascinating exhibits at the Air Museum, while adventurers can embark on archaeological expeditions at the intriguing Archaeological Museum. Experience the rich cultural heritage of Sintra through its diverse array of museums and galleries.

Museums of Sintra

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Portuguese cuisine is gradually gaining recognition on the global stage, and for those acquainted with Portugal's culinary offerings, dining out is consistently a delightful experience. Sintra's gastronomy mirrors the diversity found throughout Portugal, characterised by the use of premium, fresh ingredients. While some restaurants faithfully adhere to time-honored traditional recipes, others boldly experiment with innovative flavours. Regardless of the approach, patrons are guaranteed to leave satisfied, as Portuguese portions are as generous as the smiles of the jovial waitstaff. Experience the rich flavours and warm hospitality of Portuguese dining in Sintra, where every meal is a celebration of culinary excellence.
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Cuisine of Sintra

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Exploring Sintra's steep, winding roads on a bicycle can pose a challenge, even for experienced riders. However, electric bikes provide a convenient solution, making the hilly terrain accessible to all active travellers. Park E-Bike offers bike rentals for independent exploration and a variety of guided tours. Conveniently located just a five-minute walk from Sintra Portela Train Station, you can collect your e-bike from their office. For those staying in Sintra, Park E-Bike offers delivery services, bringing your e-bikes directly to your hotel or accommodation. Experience the beauty of Sintra with ease and flexibility on an electric bike from Park E-Bike.
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Cycling in Sintra

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The Colares wine region, situated near Sintra, stands as one of the world's oldest and unique wine-producing areas. Introduced by the Romans during their occupation of the region, winemaking has flourished here for centuries. The vineyards, planted in the sandy dunes along the coast, are trained low to withstand the strong Atlantic winds. This distinctive terroir proved inhospitable to the phylloxera louse, which ravaged vineyards across Europe in the 19th century. With the demise of competitors, Colares wines experienced a surge in popularity. Explore the rich history and exceptional wines of the Colares region, a testament to centuries-old winemaking traditions.
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Wine Tasting in Sintra

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The waves that have shaped this stunning coastline over millennia provide optimal conditions for some of Europe's finest surfing. Praia das Maçãs and Praia Grande, two renowned resorts, boast excellent facilities for surfing enthusiasts. Meanwhile, numerous coves and smaller beaches offer a more secluded experience for those seeking tranquility. The consistent strong currents and beach waves make the Cascais-Sintra coast a preferred destination for national and international surf and bodyboard championships. With its proximity to Lisbon, the natural beauty of the UNESCO Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais, and the charming town of Sintra nearby, this area is an ideal destination for a surfing holiday. Experience the thrill of surfing amid breathtaking scenery along the Cascais-Sintra coast.
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Surfing in Sintra

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Sintra's historic tramway has resumed its seasonal weekend service, offering a nostalgic journey from the centre of Sintra, near the Museu de Arte Moderna, to Praia das Maçãs on the coast. This charming old tram rattles and clatters along a scenic seven-mile (11.5km) route, traversing the Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais and passing through Colares and Banzão en route. The journey takes approximately 45-50 minutes, providing passengers with a memorable experience amid breathtaking landscapes. Explore Sintra's coastline aboard the vintage tramway and soak in the beauty of this UNESCO-listed region.
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Sintra's Old Tram

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The Atlantic coastline near Sintra stands as mainland Europe's westernmost point, shaped by millennia of relentless waves into striking rock formations and hidden coves. Renowned for their beauty, the beaches in this area rank among Europe's finest. While swimming can be challenging, towering cliffs largely shelter the beaches, creating ideal conditions for sunbathing. Well-maintained and equipped with ample amenities, these beaches cater to the needs of the entire family. Experience the splendor of Sintra's coastline, where stunning landscapes and pristine beaches await exploration.
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Sunbathing on the Sintra Coast

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Indulge in the allure of Portugal's mountainside at a modern spa nestled within the grounds of an 18th-century palace in Sintra. Welcome to Anantara Spa Tivoli Palácio de Seteais, an oasis of tranquility at the Seteais spa hotel, enveloped by exotic gardens and majestic mountains. Treat yourself to regal pampering in three luxurious treatment rooms, including one designed for couples. Here, opulent indulgences blend seamlessly with revitalising holistic therapies, ranging from innovative Vichy shower treatments to premium Biologique Recherche products. Immerse yourself in a harmonious union of mind, body, and spirit amidst the serene beauty of Tivoli Palácio de Seteais, as you breathe in the crisp alpine air and bask in the serene forest surroundings. Experience true rejuvenation in the heart of Sintra's mountains.

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