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Situated in the former Toy Museum, the News Museum highlights the pivotal role journalism and the media played in shaping our modern world. The News Museum uses both hands-on exhibits and virtual displays. The collection is an insightful and thought-provoking showcase of the art of media and communication. The visitor is encouraged to interact with radio and television presentations broadcasting media coverage of episodes in recent history. The museum pays homage to the skill of journalists immortalised in film and who have applied their art to bring reports of tragedy, happy occasions, wars, famine and the fluffy-dog stories of the day. The museum also examines the use of propaganda applied in the past, both in Portugal's history and globally - and how it's employed today to bolster world regimes.


Sintra News Museum

Here too, you can learn about photojournalism and see some of the most famous photos ever taken, such as Buzz Aldrin on the moon and Alberto Korda's shot of Che Guevara. The museum also examines new media, viewing habits and technologies. The museum tackles the phenomenon of fake news. The collection of global radio and TV broadcasts is vast and is one of the largest on Earth. Exhibits and commentaries are available in both Portuguese and English. The museum has grown in popularity over the last few years and offers a sobering alternative to the somewhat dreamy fairy-tail town of Sintra outside.

The museum is located in the centre of the old town, before you get to the National Palace, off a side street next to the Sintra Boutique Hotel.

High Season, Daily: 09h30 – 19h00, Low Season, Daily: 09h30 – 18h00
Adult: €6.50, Consessionary: €3.50, Child Under 5 FREE.

Lisbon Card Lisbon Card: FREE


The museum is easily reached by a pleasant stroll from the train station up hill, past the old town hall and around the bend on the Volta do Duche road.

Take the IC19 from Lisbon, IC30 from Mafra or EN9 turning off the A5 motorway to Cascais.

The Scotturb buses #434 & #435 leaves from Sintra Train station and takes you to the Old Town Sintra.

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26 Rua Visconde Monserrate, 2710-591 Sintra, Portugal. | 38º 79' 64" N | 09° 38' 98" W
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Sintra News Museum