Sintra's Natural History Museum (Museu de História Natural de Sintra)
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Located within the historic centre of Sintra, close to the National Palace, Sintra's Natural History Museum occupies a former market building which dates back to 1893. Within it's walls one can find a collection of thousands of fossils of boundless importance and scientific value. The collection is the life long obsession of Miguel and Fernanda Barbosa who took fifty years to compile over 10,000 specimens. Some of the highlights include rare yet well preserved dinosaur fossils, dinosaur eggs and an array of trilobites, bivalves and gastropods. The star of the show is the worlds only example of a complete Braseodactylus, a flying reptile, which was discovered Chapada do Araripe – Brazil.


Sintra's Natural History Museum (Museu de História Natural de Sintra)

There's also a geological section with a large selection of gems both in their natural state as well as cut and polished. Here too are examples of the main rocks found in Portugal and meteorites from around the world including the famous Nantan Meteorite – China, whose impact is mentioned in 16th century literature. The exhibits may date back millennia however the technology employed to bring them to life is state of the art and successfully tells the story of Earths evolution. In addition to the permanent exhibition room, the museum also has a temporary exhibition room equipped to host different types of shows and events, a reserve collection and laboratory for the handling and study of objects, a specialist documentation department and a shop and cafeteria.

Weekdays: 10h00 – 18h00, Weekends: 12h00 – 18h00, (last entry 17h00)

Getting There

Take the IC19 from Lisbon, IC30 from Mafra or EN9 turning off the A5 motorway to Cascais

The Scotturb buses #434 & #435 leaves from Sintra Train station and takes you to the Old Town Sintra.

Contact Details
20 Rua do Paço, São Martinho, 2710-602  Sintra, Portugal. | 38° 48' 03.5" N | 09° 22' 41.7" W
+351 219 238 563 | museu.hnatural@cm-Sintra.pt

Sintra's Natural History Museum (Museu de História Natural de Sintra)