Praia Grande
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As you probably can guess from the name, Praia Grande is the largest beach in the area. A vast swathe of pristine golden sands awaits you. The beach is popular with locals since it's easily reached by both private and public transport. The swell and consistent beach break attract surfers and bodyboarders all year round. On occasions, Praia Grande hosts national and international surfing championships. The magnificent slate cliffs on the southern end are an impressive backdrop to the view and create natural windbreaks. If you climb the steps to the top, not only will you be treated to a magnificent view, but be surprised at seemly gravity-defying dinosaurs. A total of 66 footprints dating back 170 million years are imprinted almost vertically ascending the cliff. Since the time Megalosaurus and Iguanodons walked here, tectonic forces have uplifted and tilted the land sideways.

Praia Grande

The beach is well equipped for families offering plenty of facilities such as cafes, bars, toilets, showers and ample parking. When the tide is out, Praia Grande joins its little brother Praia Pequena (Little beach). In between the two beaches lies one of Europes largest oceanic swimming pools, which is part of the Hotel das Arribas complex. There are two pools, the 100-metre pool and a children's pool. Both are opened to the public in Spring and allows access to the hotel's amenities. The swimming pools make a safer bathing option for the younger family members than the Atlantic waves. The facility is constantly patrolled by lifeguards. Pricing varies according to the season.

Weekdays: 10h00 - 19h30, Weekends: 09h30 - 19h30.
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Av. Alfredo Coelho 28, 2705-329 Colares, Portugal.
38° 48' 57.6"N | 09° 28' 34.8"W | +351 939 289 050 | Website


Apart from the amenities found at the hotel there are a couple of cafés and bars along back of the beach.

There are toilets and changing facilities half way along the beach.

At the Hotel das Arribas.

The are plenty of parking spaces running along the length of the beach and a car park higher up on the aproach to the beach.

The beach is patrolled by lifeguards during the summer season (May to mid-October).

There are disabled parking spaces next to the ramp to the beach and Hotel das Arribas.

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From Sintra take the Estrada Nacional 247 west through Colares turn right onto Rua da Mesquita after 10km.

• Scotturb buses #439 and #441 leaves from Sintra Train station to Praia Grande. Scott URB Website

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