Capuchos Convent (Convento dos Capuchos)
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Embark on a journey through time with a visit to the Capuchos Convent, where you'll immerse yourself in a simple yet profound way of life in harmony with nature. Prepare for your adventure with MADABOUTSINTRA.COM, your essential travel companion. Secure your Skip-the-Line e-ticket here to maximize your experience, saving both time and money.

Also known as the Cork Convent, Capuchos was established in 1560 by Dom Álvaro, a trusted advisor to King Sebastião. This sanctuary was inhabited by Franciscan monks seeking spiritual enlightenment through detachment from worldly pleasures. Embracing austerity, the décor features natural elements and cork, symbolizing protection and simplicity. Monastic residents meticulously tended to the landscape, preserving Sintra's indigenous flora. Meanwhile, exotic plants were introduced elsewhere in the Sintra forest to enhance garden beauty.


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Opening Times

Daily: 10h00 - 20h00, (last admission at 19h00)

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São Pedro de Penaferrim, Serra de Sintra, Sintra 2710-405, Portugal. | 38° 46' 58.5" N | 09° 26' 08.9" W

+351 219 237 300

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Capuchos Convent (Convento dos Capuchos)

Cork-lined walls of the interior

Explore the intimate cells and narrow corridors of the Capuchos Convent, gaining profound insights into the humble lives of its brotherhood. The compact interior, reminiscent of a rabbit warren, leaves a lasting impression, evoking a sense of claustrophobia. Despite the confined spaces, monks ingeniously carved foot holes into the walls for comfort, while diminutive doorways hint at their modest stature. Layers of cork insulation provided both protection and comfort in this minimalist abode.

Accommodating only eight monks, the monastery boasts a rich history, with Friar Honório being its most renowned resident. Spending 15 years in solitary contemplation and penance, he defied the odds, reaching the remarkable age of a hundred.

In addition to the monks' cells, the convent features guest rooms, a serene courtyard, a modest library, and a communal dining area adjoining the kitchen. Other highlights include an infirmary, two chapels, and a rustic latrine. Notably, when King Filipe I of Portugal (Filipe II of Spain) visited in 1581, he famously remarked on the convent's simplicity, contrasting it with the opulence of El Escorial.


Designed to harmonise seamlessly with its natural surroundings, the monastery now stands reclaimed by nature after years of disuse. Overgrown foliage enhances its mystical allure, paying homage to the splendour of the wilderness. In certain areas, the convent's weathered walls blend seamlessly with the surrounding rock formations and boulders.

Situated along a secluded seven-kilometre (4.5 mi) wooded path, the site exudes tranquillity, further amplified by its isolation. Renowned for its frequent foggy conditions, the convent boasts a unique ambience that has captivated poets for centuries. Lord Byron, inspired by its ethereal beauty, immortalised it in his poem "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage."

Following the dissolution of Portugal's monasteries in 1834, the convent lay abandoned until its acquisition by Francis Cook, the first Viscount of Monserrate, in 1873. Subsequently, the land was nationalised in 1949. Today, the Capuchos Convent forms an integral part of the Cultural Landscape of Sintra and has held UNESCO World Heritage status since 1995.

Capuchos Convent (Convento dos Capuchos)


Capuchos Convent (Convento dos Capuchos)


There are hiking trails signposted between the historic centre and the Capuchos Convent (Convento dos Capuchos).

Take the IC19 from Lisbon, IC30 from Mafra or EN9 turning off the A5 motorway to Cascais. Once you have arrived in the town's historic centre it's best to leave the car and walk to take a taxi to the Capuchos Convent (Convento dos Capuchos).

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Contact Details
São Pedro de Penaferrim, Serra de Sintra, Sintra 2710-405, Portugal. | 38° 46' 58.5" N | 09° 26' 08.9" W
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